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Hotel Bossa Nova – Live at „Das Rind“

Musically, the name of the quartet could hardly have been chosen better. Hotel Bossa Nova: a place to stay and yet just to visit. In other words, while the Bossa Nova was clearly the inspiration for the combo’s creative space, it was subjected to inspirational and eloquent modernization. As simple as the pieces sounded, so complex was the harmonious weave and so unexpected the twists. So rich an experience, the music reached all those who sought pure entertainment. A multifaceted and beguiling concert experience. „(Augsburger Allgemeine, 24.06.2019)”.

With such a positive response from the Press, it is hardly surprising that Hotel Bossa Nova has decided after six studio releases to embark on a live recording. In fact, it was not just the good reviews from various sources and outlets that led to the idea. Singer Liza da Costa states, „In fact, the demand for a live album has been driven by audience and fan feedback and requests.“

It is the multi-faceted nature of da Costa’s voice that gives the quartet from Wiesbaden its extraordinary stamp and stylistic resonance. As the daughter of a Portuguese mother and an Indian father, the appearance of the front woman alone lends an exotic quality and experience that is intensified, channeled and delivered through the music of Hotel Bossa Nova.

Recorded in Kulturzentrum „Das Rind“ in Rüsselsheim is a homecoming for Liza da Costa, who grew up there. The double album Live at „Das Rind“ presents over 90 minutes and 16 rousing songs. Their homogeneous blend of fusion, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Samba and Sphere Sound offers inspiring, surprising, but always authentic and extremely entertaining symmetry. Compositions that are created by guitarist Tilmann Höhn, bassist Alexander Sonntag and drummer Wolfgang Stamm that in the live situation are even more sophisticated, imaginative and creative enhancing the musical experience for their audience.

„A live concert absolutely provides more energy on stage taking the audience on a more visceral and emotional journey of sound,“ explains Liza da Costa”. „Contributing to this is a sincere dialogue with the audience“ knows the singer, skilled at audience connection combining a stunning voice with adept performance acumen. „It was obvious that we chose Rind because we had performed many concerts in this venue that feels like home”.
In addition to the audio recordings, filming was also done during the concert. A total of 10 video clips were designed by four different editors. These videos will be published accompanying the album on the youtube channel of Hotel Bossa Nova.

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