Liza da Costa & Hotel Bossa Nova Liza da Costa & Hotel Bossa Nova


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AO VIVO 2006

The murmur of the ocean

Hotel Bossa Nova is a very special place, where yesterday
and today merge for a night, or longer, in Paradise.

Four musicians who were made for each other
take samba, add cool jazz, and mix it classically,
or with their own compositions: Bossa Nova.

Her father is Indian, her mother Portuguese
and the voice belongs to Liza da Costa….the train was a long time
coming, but now it‘s arrived. Music like the murmur of the ocean,
like a journey that never ends – Liza da Costa is Hotel Bossa Nova

Tilmann Höhn, Alexander Sonntag and Wolfgang Stamm, guitar, bass, drums and percussion. Three virtuosi versed in the language of music. BUY CD